Vitality Health & Wellness is a cash pay service provider. Vitality Health & Wellness is not associated with any insurance companies, which means they are not obligated to pay for our services (blood work, consultations, insertions or pellets). We REQUIRE PAYMENT AT TIME OF SERVICE and, if you choose, we will provide a form to send to your insurance company and a receipt showing that you paid out of pocket. WE WILL NOT, however, communicate in any way with insurance companies.


The form and receipt are your responsibility and serve as evidence of your treatment. We will not call, write, pre-certify, follow-up, or make any contact with your insurance company. If we receive a check from your insurance company, we will not cash it, but instead return it to the sender. Likewise, we will not mail it to you. We will not respond to any letters or calls from your insurance company.


For patients who have access to Health Savings Account, you may pay for your treatment with that credit or debit card. This is the best idea for those patients who have an HSA as an option in their medical coverage.