Meet Caleb Brown,NP.

Caleb Brown is a national board certified Nurse Practitioner with diverse experience.  Caleb specializes in hormone replacement therapy. He is a BioTE certified practitioner and has completed over 1000 pellet insertions over the last two years. Caleb regularly attends continuing education in order to be able to ensure his patients the best and most up to date techniques and information.  He has five years emergency room nursing experience and more than two years of emergency room work as a Nurse Practitioner. Caleb continues to work in the emergency room setting to keep his skills and knowledge current. Caleb's last office had over 3000 patients that he was responsible for care of. 


Caleb is a family man with 5 children (4 attend Diana schools) and a wonderful wife, who is employed at Vitality Health & Wellness as a registered nurse. Their family attends church regularly and he volunteers his time at a Christian based low-income clinic.